With ONLINE ordering Article, offered by means of this Internet site, the customer proceeds to purchase of one or more products: this loves agreement in that the customer is to IN ADVANCE paying the indicated amount selected goods, multiplied with the freight costs.

The sale prices for individuals its including VAT 21%

Each order can be also taken away after appointment. We have not been suffered responsible for damage during sending or for loss of consignment.

The customer can our always in advance questions goods to let insure during the sending, these additional costs are integratedly carried by the customer and are also in advance paid.

At sending under "paid on delivery" the customer pays these more price on the sending costs.

The customer has the right our communicate that he abandons purchase within the 7 days after reception goods - this must exclusively written and made a note of happen - the date on the made a note of consignment is considered as a proof date.

In this case the customer sends back goods, the sending costs fall at his account - after reception of sent back goods the purchase amount of goods (it is diminished with the initial already pay sending costs) it is deposited into the account of the customer within the 7 days.

We take back only onbeschadigde goods.

The purchaser must be at least the age of 18 years.

The personal details which the customer provides us, will be exclusively used by us.

They must only your carry out order and correspondence between our and the customer to conduct.